🎓🌟 Exciting Graduation Announcement! 🌟🎓


We are thrilled to announce the graduation of Ian Lord, who has officially earned his Certificate IV in Fitness, marking a remarkable milestone in his journey. Ian’s unwavering dedication to health and fitness has led to a career change that merges his passion for fitness and golf into an exciting new venture.


Ian is a proud member of Snap Fitness in Claremont, where his fitness odyssey began, and he’s been guided by the invaluable mentorship of Snap Fitness personal trainer & SR PT Education mentor, Leon Price. Ian is going on to launch his own gold-based fitness business based at www.goldcorpfitness.com.au.

Leon Price’s guiding philosophies have played a pivotal role in Ian’s success:


🌟 “My goal is to take a very holistic approach to the client’s health and fitness journey.” 

🌟 “I strive to deliver the message in a style and pace that best suits the client for empowerment and ownership, leading to long-term results.” 

🌟 “I want to help aspiring personal trainers become the best they can be so together, we can bring the gift of fitness to the community.”

Join us in celebrating Ian’s incredible achievement and the bright future that lies ahead in the world of fitness and personal training. 🏋️‍♂️⛳


Congratulations, Ian! 🎉👏


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